Tanya Eddy


Secondary, technical, medical, scientific, geography, history, stories & fairytales, nature, realistic, black & white



A digital artist specialising in photorealism, Tanya Eddy holds a B.S.E. in Biology from Arkansas State University, and is the proprietor of the Jonesboro School of Art - an outlet, which she has crafted to share her love of art with hundreds of students. Among the various influences on her work, Edward Hopper is foremost. His focus upon recreating the commonplace life of the average person, is shared by Tanya in her keen attention to detail in portraying the extraordinary life of the ordinary. Also, within her visual compositions, may be experienced a sense of the mystical - a mirror by which one may view the world of fairytale through the faces of today.

Throughout the years, her work has been awarded such distinguished accolades as the Ether F. Kamberg Memorial Prize for Portrait Art from the St. Louis Artist's Guild, in addition to being prominently featured in an issue of the Artist's Magazine. Additionally, her portraits have been displayed in various galleries and private collections throughout the United States.

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